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Business Testimonials


Gavin Shepherd - Chief Executive Officer

VETFOCUS (TAVA) provides veterinary services and animal health products to rural and small animal clients in the Waikato, where they have operated for nearly 70 years. There are seven directors and the business employs a team of sixty veterinarians and other support staff. In 2012 the Company were winners of the Supreme Business Award at the Waipa Business Awards as well as they winners in the ‘Investors in People’ category.

“The range of HR and related services provided by People4Success meets all of our HR needs.  These include services such as recruitment, overview of our employment processes, regular surveys of staff and directors to determine development needs, formal training in areas such as customer service and governance and dispute resolution / mediation.  It is fair to say that for a small local business, People4Success out performs many of the larger companies in the big cities. As VETFOCUS continues to grow, we will continue to use the services of the People4Success team.”


Greg Fleming - Audi Service Support

I  would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your input and expertise last week, and last November. Your training sessions were appreciated by us at EMD, and also by the delegates on the course. The quality of your work and level of preparation is clearly evident.

We have found that your material is relevant to the course and the delegates (again testament to your thorough preparation), and is presented in a fun and engaging manner. You also seem to have a knack for “sensing the audience” and as such are able to level with them, drawing them into the discussion, and pitching the course on a more personally applicable level. I was also impressed with your “matter of factness” on the odd occasion. I felt this was well timed and expressed in areas that really counted, and was probably received better than if it had been delivered by us.

The feedback that we have received from all Quality Management sessions has been very positive, with a number of managers commenting on how much they enjoyed the course. To quote one Service Manager from last week’s course: “Lee is a gem. This is still the best course I have attended. Great!” This is very encouraging for us as (and you will probably be aware of this) service staff often tend to be bluntly honest when it comes to providing feedback to an importer!! Especially critical feedback.

Looking forward I would like to see us working together again in the future.  All in all a great couple of conferences!  Thanks again.



Greg Mills - Managing Director

GEA Farm Technologies NZ (GEA FT) owns the brands of WestfaliaSurge, Houle, and FIL.  In 2010 GEAFT completed the purchase of a business and since then Lee Astridge from People4Success has worked with myself and the senior leadership team at GEA FT to develop and support the change process required to integrate the leadership and people elements of the business.  During this time Lee has also supported us in both HR legislative compliance areas as well as the development of a people framework that supports a rigourous performance culture.  We have always found Lee and her team to be responsive to our requirements, timely in delivery and most importantly Lee has become a trusted advisor for our senior leadership team and business.


Phil Hollobon - Director

"Thank you very much for your help; you are like a wee big rock to lean on."


David Samuel - President

 ‘We have used People4Success in both a recruitment and strategic planning capacity for the Chamber and have found their input and professionalism extremely valuable.  In our recent recruitment process for a new CEO the professional and objective approach of People4Success, as well as their efficiency in managing the process, meant that we were able to concentrate on the selection of the right candidate whilst they managed the details and checks required to ensure we got the best result.    We have also used People4Success to assist us in our strategic planning for the Chamber and this has not only resulted in a clear plan for the executive, but this was achieved in a professional and enthusiastic way where even the tricky bits were negotiated without pain.’


Mike O’Connor
Group General Manager

On many occasions we have been provided with down to earth advice that has been key to building long-term relationships….and instrumental in our drive towards making informed decisions in our farming enterprises.


Warren Morritt - Managing Director

Intelact (Intelact is a Te Awamutu based business operating internationally in the dairy consulting, animal feed and animal exporting businesses)

Lee Astridge and the team at People4Success have been working with our company for over nine years. During this time they have provided all our HR requirements including assistance with staff recruitment, staffing and reporting structures, job descriptions, employment contracts, salary reviews in relation to the job market etc.

As an employer I have found being able to discuss with Lee and her team HR issues that require an in-depth knowledge of employment law to be extremely valuable and a huge time saver. I have found their advice on HR issues to be both refreshingly practical and logical, ensuring that both our staff and ourselves have an outcome that is a workable fit for the future of the business and the employee.

People4success have consistently provided these services and advice in a timely, professional and prompt manner.

In addition we have used Lee Astridge to run seminars and workshops for our clients on employment related issues. Lee is never one to disappoint and ensures that the audience both participate, enjoy and learn from the experience.


Applicant Testimonials

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Rhonda Frey - LJ Hooker  Te Awamutu, Property Manager

I have used People4Success within the last 12 months and found them to be professional and helpful in their field of work. They were approachable and very easy to talk to making the process stress free. I have no hesitation in recommending other people to use this very useful service. 


Susan Trodden,  CEO - Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce

In 2011 I was appointed CEO of the Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce. Throughout the application process I worked with Clark Collins who managed the recruitment for this position. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism he exhibited through this, and I was kept well informed through each stage, right from the first online expression of interest through to the formal job offer. In addition, the people I chose as referees also have commented that they were extremely impressed with the dealing they had with the People4Success team. 



Course Feedback

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The course was great and I really enjoyed the lesson. The concepts were great and it was good to have the 9 steps to help us in our line of work. It was good to try and get something fresh into our service.

Mary Winikerei 
Tokoroa i-SITE Visitor Centre




'Management 4 Success'


Good workshop. It will improve my management skills.
Kevin Richardson
Enterprise Recruitment

The course was highly relevant for me, it covered everything that I struggle with.
Simon Stuckey 
Enterprise Recruitment

I found the training very valuable. I learnt how to manage the different personalities within my team. I will now communicate in a different way to achieve a better result. 
John Scott
GEA Farm Technologies Ltd

I will actively manage my time better and plan more “team time” – a great job ladies, these are rules for life – not just for work.
Michele Laurie
MatamataPiako District Council



'Presenting 4 Success'


Great content, learnt lots of tips about presenting as well as some of the basics to introductions. I won't be relying so much on power-point anymore.
Alex Irvine
Hamilton City Council

Two presenters kept it very interesting, the pace changed according to the purpose. All the examples and tips at the beginning were great. I will rethink the audience and forget complicated slides and engage and prepare more.
Kelly Fox
Hamilton City Council

Excellent course, excellent layout, Lee and Carol did a fantastic job of getting their point across, keeping us engaged and providing valid feedback.
Richard Rice
Environment Waikato

Excellent workshop very well run, great content, extremely relevant and practical.
Brian Clements
Environment Waikato



'Making The Point Without Making An Enemy'


For someone who normally finds training/learning hard, this was fantastic. I learnt more in 4 hours than most other training.

Jessica Barclay
Environment Waikato

I really like the tolerance and tact component of the communication model which demonstrates it for both internal and external customers. By refocusing on some of the key points in good customers service that value is what determines how a customer feels, and dealing with an emotion first rather than the issue.

Jaya Tikkisetty
Environment Waikato