Vacancy Information - Frequently Asked Questions

Why register with People4Success?

  • There is no charge to register with us
  • Many of the job vacancies we handle don’t get advertised anywhere else
  • Our aim is to help you make the career change you are looking for
  • We offer free advice to our candidates on interview skills, CV and personal presentation and tips on preparation for your initial interview – we want our candidates to “stand out” to their prospective employers

Why is this the quickest way of finding that ideal job?

When you register with us you need to send out fewer CV’s and you reduce the time you spend job hunting by only applying for jobs that really suit your skills and what you’re looking for.  You will also find out about jobs that may not be advertised elsewhere. 
As a recruitment agency our success equals the quality of jobs and the quality of candidates we have to offer.  We have an extensive jobs listing, active at any one time and we pride ourselves in the level of service and support we give both applicants and clients.

How does it all work if there is a job that looks right for me?

We assist our candidates in finding their new roles by matching their skill set with our clients’ vacancies.  We find the jobs that are suitable for your requirements and then make contact to see if you would like to be considered for the vacancy.  If so, all you need to do is say “Yes” and we do the rest.  We cannot guarantee that you will be interviewed, short-listed or offered the role, but your CV and other relevant details will be passed along to our client with only a small number of other candidates for their consideration.

What about temporary work?

A temporary assignment with People4Success helps you

  • Find work quickly – local to you
  • Choose your work to suit your needs
  • Retain flexibility in employment choices

Our temporary employment services often meet the needs for people who are only looking for short term employment or may just be “between” jobs. 

Does temporary work often become a permanent job?

We have a reputation with our clients that we provide them with a quick and reliable solution to their daily staffing requirements.  On a number of occasions an employer has decided to make a temporary position a permanent role in their business after seeing the quality of the work our temporary staff member has achieved.

What about my CV?

Your CV is your representation of you to any prospective employer.  If your CV is not well presented, has spelling and grammatical errors or leaves out important information, you may not be short-listed for interview.   At People4Success we offer a free CV evaluation service and if you need help to write and present your CV we can assist you for a very reasonable charge.

Can you help me get ready for my interview?

Our staff are trained to assist you gain confidence in preparing for interviews.  We offer generalised free advice to all our candidates.
If you would like more in depth training and assistance to prepare for interviews we offer a coaching service to help you gain the confidence to help you achieve the next step in your career.  Private coaching sessions start from $80 per hour and include goal setting, detailed planning, motivation and mentoring.

If your question has not been answered in the list above please contact us