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For a limited time you can list your job with us for FREE! (usually priced from $35 per listing)

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Keep Waipa Working                                               (priced from $35 per vacancy)

1.  Register your job on the People4Success website    

  • You write the advert and applicants come directly to you. Advert limited to 150 words.

2.  Attract more applicants                                                                              

  • We'll write your job advert

3.  Profile your vacancy on our weekly newsletter that goes to over 900 people

  • These are people who are already living in the Waipa District or looking to work here


Get the right applicants                                            (priced from $65 per vacancy)

1.  Let us notify applicants who are specifically seeking the kind of job you have available

  • Using our on-line filtering service we will identify and target applicants specifically looking for the kind of work you have available

2.  Trim down your applicant number

  • We'll create a self-screening questionnaire so applicants can pre-qualify themselves before applying

3.  Want consistent details from all your applicants?

  • As well as submitting their CV your applicants will also be required to complete our on-line application form including medical questionnaire, self-declaration and provide referee details

4.  Get video data and save time

  • We’ll collect video data from shortlisted applicants that’s relevant to your role and save you valuable interview time.

5.  Save time and let us do the shortlisting

  • Let one of our professional consultants shortlist your applicants, saving you time so you can focus on the best

6.  Phone pre-screening

  • To help make sure you only interview the right people



Want more help?                                                         (priced from $120)


1.  Interview Questions

  • We'll prepare interview questions designed to assess the skills and personal attributes you're looking for

2.  Interview help

  • With our interview package we’ll join you in your business to facilitate a professional interview so you have the best possible information before you chose your next team member

3.  Get professional reference checks to give you more confidence about your selection choices. (per reference check)

4.  Work Styles Profile

5.  Ability Testing

6.  Credit Checking

7.  Ministry of Justice Checking

8.  Employment Agreement



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