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People Planning

You know you need to get a handle on this people stuff but don't quite know where to start? 

Your Business is unique, your Goals are your own, but you know you need people to help you get there….

When you’re running a business you need strategies to ensure you’re doing the right things with and for your people that make sure you reach your goals in a way that feels good for you and works for the team around you.

A focused People Plan sets out what you need from the people in your business, sets goals and timeframes for achieving them and then delivers a set of actions that will deliver the results you want.   

A good plan is like a good GPS – it shows you alternative ways of getting to where you want to go and helps you choose the best route.  Tailored to suit your business we will work with you to identify what really matters to you and then plan an implementation process that is manageable within your business context. 


Strategic People Planning

ü  What are your long-term people goals? 


ü  What do you want to be known for as an employer?


ü  How do you communicate this with your people?


ü  What does this mean you're going to focus on this year?


ü  How do you go about it?





ü  Clarity around your people goals and a plan of people action for this year


ü  A team that knows where you're heading and how they 'fit' in