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The skills that got you to where you are now are not the skills that will make you successful for where you want to go. 

People4Success' personalised coaching programme let you work with one of our experts at your own pace to focus and develop the skilsl that are important to you for today and the future.  

Your People4Success Coaching Programme will be tailored to your needs and is normally based on a preliminary commitment to four one to one coaching sessions.  In the first session we identify what’s important to you and create an action plan to meet these needs.

For many, this programme is a logical extension after one of our training courses (8 Steps or Step Back and Lead) or it may be that you learn better in your own environment or a public course date doesn’t suit.  

Either way, the programme is driven by you to meet your goals so whether you’re working with us for the first time or after one of our training programmes, our job is to help develop the skills you need to reach your business and personal goals.

Our Teen Coaching programme has  been developed to support teens work through subject choices, life choices, career choices, in a way that supports them to know where they want to go and how they will get there. Knowing what subjects to study, what courses to take, and how to get to the career they might want in the future is a big ask of young people.    We know that coaching is a powerful tool that can help them to get the focus and positive reinforcement needed to take the right steps towards a meaningful future. Whether it is coaching on subject selection, help with guidance and direction, or identifying strengths so that you and your child feel empowered to focus your energies in the right direction…we can help.  We will work with your child to really help understand who they are, their personality style, what their strengths are, and how these can be used to focus in on the choices they need to make.


ü  Identified learning needs 


ü  Learn new skills


ü  Learn new behaviours


ü  Get the most out of yourself


ü  Get the most out of those around you


ü  Make the personal transitions that will make your successful


ü  Grow yourself and your business





ü  New skills and ways of working


ü  Increased engagement and performance form yourself and your team


Talk to us today about how coaching can help drive your personal, team and business success...