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Empowering Teams





A programme aimed at empowering individuals within teams to build increased awareness, engagement and empowerment.



People4Success' Empowering Teams programme is a workshop with a personal focus; understanding self, motivators, goals, personalities and more...


This progrmame is an ideal if you are looking to increase the performance power of your team or looking at enhancing the skill set of particular people in your team.  Empowered individuals are people who know who they are, why they are here and what they are striving for.  They are motivated and willing and will work hard for you.  This means empowered individuals contribute greatly towards a performing producting team, which means everybone benefits.  This full-day programme takes participants on a journey of discovering self,  their personal motivators, goals and responsibilities.  This helps them to understand others that much more and develop the skills to work together for success.  Complimented with effective communication training, and finished off with a focus on the team, this programme will ensure everyone leaves with something useful in their toolkit.  

Run 'in-house' specifically for your business or as part of one of our public programmes, Empowering Teams builds performance in your business. 


ü Understanding yourself and your motivators

ü Set realistic goals

ü Understand personalities - your own and others

ü Gain insights into mindsets - understanding what these are and how they impact us

ü Skill/Will reflection

ü Effective communication

ü Team evolution curve


To register your interest in the Empowering Teams workshop please complete your details on our bookings page and we will be in touch to discuss your circumstances and how this programme could work for you.